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As an educator, I have a passion for teaching. Through my career I have fostered and encouraged a love of learning for my students. I strive to foster an environment conducive to both learning and personal growth, which has proven experience and dedication in students. My philosophy is that education should enrich, challenge and empower the individual learner in their pursuit of knowledge, skills and understanding of the world. Additionally, I believe that a classroom should be a safe place for exploration, collaboration and discussion aimed at allowing every student to reach their fullest potential. Through instruction, feedback and ongoing assessments we are able to monitor progressions and provide support whenever needed so that each student may excel with confidence.



As a problem solver, I believe in using a rational and logical approach to resolving complex issues. I have extensive experience in researching solutions, analyzing data, troubleshooting problems, and devising creative solutions. My professional background is highly congruent with this approach of problem-solving, having worked as an analyst for software development and consulting corporations. By leveraging my knowledge of the latest technologies and trends; environmental changes; legal implications; and current regulatory policiesโ€”I am confident that any challenge presented to me can be answered thoughtfully. Moreover, my interpersonal skills assist in streamlining communication between involved parties, which helps drive productivity and ultimately results in successful outcomes.



I posses an extremely strong team management quality. I take the time to get to know each individual team member so that I can motivate them and lead them in a way that best suits their style. I create goals and objectives for my teams with clear expectations and deadlines, while providing ongoing support by sharing resources, information, ideas, and best practices. Additionally, I remain flexible when unforeseen obstacles present themselves so that successful solutions can be reached as a united front. This has enabled me to effectively grow each teamโ€™s collaboration capabilities as well as fostering innovation and creativity within our collective work environment.



As a professional WordPress lover, I am passionate about leveraging the power of this versatile and customizable content management system. With its intuitive user interface, dynamic features, and wide range of powerful built-in tools, I have found that WordPress is one of the best ways to create websites that provide an engaging and interactive user experience. Furthermore, its open source nature allows developers to extend and customize the platform as desired. For these reasons, I find that WordPress is an essential part of my web development toolkit for building compelling digital experiences for my clients. When it comes to find and fixing bugs in WordPress, I love to solve.

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3 Countries Visited

1500+ Students Trained

500+ Books Read

10 Awards Won